Who made my Hoopla?

Having worked in procurement in a multi-national business for many years, I am very aware of the importance of ethical sourcing and corporate social responsibility. I wanted my own business to follow similar guidelines, but it wasn’t quite so easy! I had to find suppliers who were small enough for me to be of interest, who produced the quality of product I wanted and who were also committed to their staff and the environment. It took a bit of research and a few false starts, but I finally found Daniel Yeung based in Guangzhou in China.

Daniel is part of the small family business. He  \went to school and grew up with the owner of the factory where we now make Hoopla bags. They value their staff, reward good performances and are concerned about their impact on the environment. They are looking to grow, especially their export business, and know up-skilling their team, sourcing from sustainable suppliers and caring about the environment is the best way to do that.  

I have visited the factory myself and watched them making our bags; it was just amazing to see a whole factory full of Hooplas! The realisation of many years’ work for me.


All Hoopla bags are cut and sewn by hand. I have worked with Daniel and his company and we all agree what were the important features in a Hoopla produce and how our quality the process should apply to all bags. Daniel’s team meticulously check every bag to make sure our expectations are met. If we do have a faulty bag, it gets picked up quickly and we work together to try to eliminate any faults. If you are not happy with any aspect of your Hoopla, do get in touch.

Below are photos of Hooplas being made!